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"Farming Systems in the Tropics"

Illustrated book about rural development in Africa, Asia and Latin America

by Werner Doppler


This illustrated book intends to give a photo presentation of the genesis of farming and rural systems in developing countries based on research results. In three main chapters about subsistence, subsistence and market oriented and commercialized systems a total of 23 farming and rural systems are presented in more than 440 photos. Short introduction and characterization of the systems are given in text, but the main explanation is given by the photos which are taken by the author during his research and consultancy work in more than 60 different countries and research locations in the tropics from 1974 to 2015. The main lines of development: from traditional subsistence societies to step-wise closer relation to markets and finally to highly commercialized systems; from traditional migration to settlements and community development; from more tribal based culture to more institution and administration based modern societies; from farming to more industrialized and services based economies in different ecological and economic environments; from hand work to mechanization; different use of natural resources such as soil, land, water and vegetation from desert to humid zones and mountain areas and finally varying connections to local and world markets and communication systems. The author Werner Doppler is University Professor in the field of farming and rural systems economics in the tropics.


Hardcover,  Publisher: Blurb (October 20, 2015), Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1.4 inches, 138 pages,,

US $ 144,  ISBN-10: 1364895102 and  ISBN-13: 978-1364895105


Festeinband mit Umschlag, 138 Seiten, Größe 30x30 cm, Text in English., US $ 144


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   Table of contents

    1 Subsistence oriented farming systems
        1.1 Migrating systems            
             1.1.1 Migrating homestead and shifting cultivation   
             1.1.2 Nomadic systems   
        1.2 Traditional settled and stationary systems   
             1.2.1 Traditional fallow systems           
             1.2.2 Traditional irrigation systems           
    2 Subsistence and market oriented systems
        2.1 Livestock based systems           
             2.1.1 Semi nomads, contracted livestock farming      
             2.1.2 Bedouins                   
             2.1.3 Grazing and stationary smallholder livestock                2.1.4 Mixed systems and ley farming       
        2.2 Rainfed crop based systems
              2.2.1 Fallow systems
              2.2.2 Permanent rainfed farming
              2.2.3 Perennial systems
        2.3 Irrigation based farming systems       
              2.3.1 Farm families owns the water source
              2.3.2 Farmers share rainfall in mountain terraces
              2.3.3 Farmers depend on external water supply
        2.4 From farming to non-farming family enterprises
             2.4.1 Handicraft
             2.4.2 Infrastructure and transport
             2.4.3 Marketing and services            
    3. Market oriented farming systems   
         3.1 Commercialized smallholder and capital intensive  

        3.2 Large-scale enterprises: ranches, plantations, others


This book intends to present the complexity and the diversity of societies and their development in rural areas in developing countries. This is done by applying what is called the "farming and rural systems approach" which is understood to be a holistic view and a way to describe and analyze how farms and farming is organized and how rural families manage and develop family life in the context of their society and culture in a given and changing environment.
It helps to understand the dynamics of rural development keeping in mind that the needs and objectives of people are central leading to decisions and followed by  actions under their given socio-cultural and socio-economic conditions and hence forming farming and rural systems.  Since conditions are different in regions of the developing countries, a large variety of systems can be found. The most relevant once are presented here.
The photos were taken by the author during his research and consultancy work in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America over a period of 40 years. This may allow illustrating the development over time at a certain location. The cross-country comparison of different systems in a given time also may indicate what could happen in one location in the future, if the location follows similar patterns of development as in other locations.

Werner Doppler                        Hohenheim,  October 2015

Pictures from the book will follow here

Einzelfotos: Portraits aus den Tropen und Subtropen  - Schnappschüsse und Bildausschnitte

Individual fotos: portraits from the tropics and subtropics - Snapshots and segments of a picture


Next chapter will contain series of research sites in Africa, Asia and Latin America

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